Powering the Creative Economy with Spoonflower

In this limited series of the Craft Industry Alliance called Powering the Creative Economy with Spoonflower, we’re talking with five artists about how they propelled their business forward using Spoonflower’s print-on-demand capabilities. In the sixth episode, we go behind the scenes at this fast-growing business.

Interview with ‘Making It’ Contestant Robert Mahar

“Nick and Amy — I came in as a fan, and I came out as a super fan. They couldn’t have been sweeter, and they set such a nice tone from the get-go. That level of kindness and collegiality really came from them. Since they didn’t have to judge us, they acted as advocates for us.”

Podcast Episode #35: Robert Mahar

Video instruction is definitely going to play a role in the future of craft media. Watching someone sew, or paint, or fold paper can convey a complex technique easily in seconds. High-quality video demonstrations are also really enjoyable to watch. They’re a form of entertainment (think about The Food Network) as well as a form […]

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