Podcast Episode #201: Schacht Spindle

In this podcast interview, Jane Patrick and Barry Schacht of Schacht Spindle Company talk about how they created this successful, family-owned business that’s a leading supplier of looms and spindles in the US.

Podcast Episode #183: Kathy Elkins of WEBS

In this podcast episode, Kathy Elkins, the owner of WEBS, talks about how her husband’s family founded the business and how she and her husband took it over and built it into what it is today – one of the largest online retailers of yarn in the industry.

Podcast Episode #162: Windy Chien

In this podcast interview, installation artist Windy Chien talks about her daily practice tying knots and how it led to a book deal with Abrams as well as the opportunity to create several high profile installations including one at Apple headquarters.

Podcast Episode #161: Liz Gipson and Angela Smith

In this podcast episode, Liz Gipson and Angela Smith discuss the ways in which they’ve collaborated in their businesses for mutual benefit with Angela manufacturing specialty looms for Liz to sell to her weaving audience.

About The American Tapestry Alliance

Craft Industry Alliance has reciprocal relationships with several other craft-related organizations and we’re proud to be able to offer our members discounted memberships to these other organizations. The American Tapestry Alliance is one of them and today ATA’s Executive Director, Mary Lane, is here to tell us more about the history of ATA and what it has to offer.

Felicia Lo Wong’s Road to SweetGeorgia

Businesswoman and author Felicia Lo Wong took an unusual path to launching a hand-dyed yarn business in Vancouver, Canada. Here’s the story of her journey.

On the Loom with Maryanne Moodie

With studio space in New York and a home base in Australia, Maryanne Moodie has quickly become a household name among weaving enthusiasts around the globe.

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