The best businesses truly love to serve their customers. Taking the time to treat each person who purchases something from your craft business with care will convert first time customers into loyal fans who will make repeat purchases from your shop and tell their friends. We’ve put together this list of ways you cans how your customers how much you appreciate them.

Put a Packing Slip In All Orders

Sending an order to a customer with no receipt or packing slip is a mistake. First, you risk annoying them because they need the receipt for their records. Second you miss an opportunity to remind them where they purchased the goods. Sign the slip so they know you, or someone on your team, took the time to pack their order personally.

Include a Handwritten Thank You

Writing “thanks for your support” or “I appreciate your business” only takes a few seconds. It’s the type of thing that can make your customer remember you.

Include Swag in Your Orders

A branded pencil, refrigerator magnet, sticker, or an embroidered badge is something customers will keep around and will remind them of your brand. (See our article, Swag Works: Add a Little Something Special to Your Packages.)

Engage with Your Customers on Social Media

Include a postcard in each order inviting customers to share photos of their purchase on social media with a specific hashtag. Monitor your hashtag and engage with customers who use it by thanking them for their business and the share. Periodically resharing customer photos on your own feed (with permission) can be thrilling for customers and may encourage others to share photos of your products.

Follow Up with Your Customers

If your business is very small, you can personally email customers back to see how they liked the product or if they have any questions. Growing businesses might want to consider using post-purchase email automation. Offer returning customers a discount code. It’s much easier to convert an existing customer into a returning customer than it is to recruit new customers.

Respond to Negative Reviews in a Positive Way

If you receive a bad review on Etsy, Yelp, or another platform, try to respond courteously and helpfully. Remember, potential customers may be looking to learn something about your business and your integrity. See our guide: How to Say Please, No Thank You, and I’m Sorry.

Start a Private Facebook Group for Customers

Interacting with customers in a private group is great way to increase loyalty through real and perceived perks. Members can ask you questions directly, become product testers, receive early access to products, and get exclusive discounts, among other benefits. Plus they may make new online friends who become real life friends through their connection with you.

Offer Loyalty Rewards

Many businesses have great success with a rewards program that offer discounts or free products after they’ve placed a certain number of orders, or spent a certain dollar amount. Some shopping carts offer ways for you to track loyalty and offer rewards. There are also paid services that can help you take your program to the next level allowing you to reward customers who refer their friends (check out Shopify’s ReferralCandy).

Offer a Membership Program

A membership program can allow you to offer members products, discounts, information, and other perks that other customers can’t access. See our article, Lessons Learned from Starting a Membership Site.

Grow Your List

A newsletter list is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers. Use your list to treat your customers to exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes glimpses of your process and sneak peeks at what’s to come. Be generous by sharing some of your expertise in areas related to your product. Your customers will begin looking forward to the great content in your newsletter and will want to support your business even more. See our guide, Build a Better Newsletter List.

Tips for Increasing Brand Loyalty as a Small Craft Business

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