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Strengthen your creative business, stay up to date on industry news, and build connections within our supportive trade association.

Why join Craft Industry Alliance?


Breaking News

In-depth coverage of craft industry news gives you the context you need to make smart business decisions.


Creative Community

Connect with craft professionals, and receive advice and support from our forward-thinking members.


Business Resources

Our educational library is filled with ideas, tools, and resources to grow your creative business. 
Craft Industry Alliance Journal

Build Your Network

Our members are craft industry professionals with diverse backgrounds.

Connect with makers, artists, teachers, designers, craft supply manufacturers, pattern makers, service providers, authors, podcasters, retail shop owners, and more.


Save money on business essentials

Members receive a wide variety of perks, including discounts on business tools, travel and lodging, educational classes, subscriptions, and memberships.

Industry Insights

Get help navigating what matters to your creative business:

  • Marketing and Branding
  • Selling Wholesale + Retail
  • Craft Industry Trends
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal, Accounting, and Taxes
  • Social Media and Blogging

We are Craft Industry Alliance

A trade association for craft industry professionals.

Our supportive community comes together to problem-solve, learn, and connect with other small business owners.

We’re building a forward-thinking community for a new era of collaborative entrepreneurship. Whether you’re just starting a craft business, ready to take it to the next level, or want to share your expertise, we welcome your participation.

Member photo credits Header: Felicia Lo photographed by Josh Yong for SweetGeorgia, Clara Nartey, Helen Hiebert, Jane LaFazio photographed by Tina Larkin, Jenny Rushmore.
Slider: Anne Butera, Liza Q. Wirtz. Footer: Page+Pixel

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