Craft Industry Alliance Members Celebrate Pride

Some craft businesses plan special activities during the month to celebrate Pride Month and to show their allyship. We speak to several Craft Industry Alliance members about their plans for June.

Artist Dani Ives Paints with Wool

Some artists paint with watercolors, some with acrylics, and others with oils. Arkansas needle felter Dani Ives paints with wool.

Project Management for Creative Businesses

Whether you are a solopreneur or manage hundreds of employees throughout the world, you need a system to make sure that projects get done efficiently and on time. Learn how to pick the best tools and systems for your creative business in our project management breakdown.

Griffin Carrick Quills with Denim

Griffin Carrick is a quilling artist who makes wall hangings, collages, vessels, paper tapestries, and giant “doilies,” among other things.

Miss Purl Chicago: A Yarn Shop and Craft Community

Kamaca Champion had a dream. She wanted to open a yarn store that would serve Chicago’s South Side and enhance a sense of community there. But it would take her years to realize the dream that would become Miss Purl.

Affiliate Marketing: A Quick-Start Guide for Craft Businesses

You’ve heard the term “affiliate marketing”, but what is it? What does it mean for you, a crafting professional? Learn how affiliate marketing works and how to apply it to your craft business successfully, including the legal ins and outs.

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