Photo by Infectious Stitches

There’s a reason crafter are drawn to IKEA to organize their workspaces: the simple design, clean lines, and clean solid colors helps us stay organized and lets our materials to be the stars of the craft room.

A well functioning studio space is about the balance between storage and functional work surfaces. Check out these clever hacks for off-the-shelf IKEA furniture to take your craft room to the next level.

And good news! IKEA now has flat rate shipping ($9.99 for small items and just $39.99 for furniture, even a large order that includes many large boxes). That means there’s no need to wait until you can find a day to head to the store.

RASKOG + SKANDIS Becomes an AWESOME Sewing Cart with Ruler Storage

Photo by Infectious Stitches

Emmely at Infectious Stitches brilliantly combined two beloved IKEA products, the ubiquitous RASKOG cart and the SKANDIS peg board into one amazing piece that, among other things, stores her cutting rulers. Clear instructional photos are on her blog showing you all the parts you need to make this hack.

KALLAX into Sewing Machine Storage and Window Seat

Photo by Sarah Khandjian

Sarah Khandjian put otherwise wasted space under a window to good use with a KALLAX 4-cube shelf unit lying on its side. Many sewing machines fit right into those cubbies, which is just what Sarah did with hers.  She added charming legs from the home improvement store to her KALLAX.

Photo by Mommy Vignettes

You could use the top for more storage like Sarah did, or make it a window seat like this one from Jill at Mommy Vignettes. (The shelf unit in this blog post is EXPEDIT, which IKEA replaced with the KALLAX.)

Photo via OrganizeMore

The Kallax is so popular, there are now companies that make organizing inserts that fit just right into the Kallax cubes.  These inserts can holds 49 bottles of craft paint bottles or many, many rubber stamp pads.

LINNMON Table Top + KALLAX + OLOV Legs = Counter Height Craft Room Worktable

Photo by Landeelu

Though it doesn’t look that big in this picture, that tabletop is 59” inches long. Blogger Landeelu wanted a counter height workspace and plenty of storage. What’s great about this project is that no sawing or sanding is required.

FORHOJA Kitchen Cart into Ironing Surface and Storage

Photo by Intentional Hospitality

Ironing boards are never big enough, are they? Over at Intentional Hospitality, we’ve got the solution with an IKEA kitchen sideboard with built-in storage plus ironing board material on top. The sideboard she used is discontinued at IKEA, but try the FORHOJA sideboard/kitchen cart as a good substitute.

BESTA TV Bench with Doors into Ironing Surface

If you’d prefer a white unit with doors, here’s another take on an ironing station with storage. Lori of Crossquilt blog made one with the BESTA TV Bench.


Photo by Jennifer of JenniferMaker

To avoid the “oh, you got that at IKEA, didn’t you?” look, customize your pieces by adding adorable legs.  Jennifer at JenniferMaker blog shows how to raise your storage pieces off the floor and elevate the style of the whole craft room.

VARIERA Plastic Bag Holder into Organizer for Rolls of Vinyl

Photo by Melissa Viscount

Clever Melissa Viscount at the Silhouette School blog figured out a creative reuse for these rolls storing vinyl for her electronic cutting machine. With them on the wall, she can see at a glance what colors she has.

KUNGSFORS Knife Rack for Sewing Nook Storage

Photo by See Kate Sew

Kate of See Kate Sew created a sewing nook as part of her sewing room where everything is within arms reach. She used three of the KUNGSFORS magnetic knife racks on her pegboard to keep a wide array of needles and more.

We hope you enjoyed these IKEA hacks for your craft studio! Make sure to check out these IKEA Hacks for Craft Show Displays, to sell art prints, jewelry, pottery, clothing, home décor, and more.

Do you have a favorite IKEA hack for your craft room?  Please tell us in the comments!


Elaine Luther is an artist and arts writer.  She makes assemblage sculpture about how much she hates housework and “Medals that You Wouldn’t Want to Earn,” such as, “I Just Want to Buy Flowers at the Grocery Store without Thinking about How Much They Cost.”

She writes for Craft Industry Alliance and Moore Women Artists as well as her own blogs. She and her kids host the podcast Being Bold.  (She buys the flowers now.)

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