A business retreat is a rare opportunity to surround yourself with a small, supportive group of like-minded solopreneurs and/or coworkers who you trust to take a critical look at your business together with you. You become not only each other’s team but also cheering squad. Planning the details beforehand will ensure your investment (of time, money or both!) is effective and will allow you and all the participants to be fully present in the discussions and get the most out of the retreat.


☐ Identify who should attend. Consider inviting people whose businesses aren’t direct competitors.

Deciding on location

☐ Determine a budget. Keet travel, lodging, food, and incidentals in mind.
☐ Determine location. A local retreat is convenient, but a destination retreat also has advantages.
☐ Decide on the length of the retreat.

Preparing retreat content

☐ Identify a clear objective for the retreat. What will you try to achieve as a group? As individuals?
☐ Draft rules of engagement. Create a safe space for brainstorming, asking questions, and admitting fears.
☐ Draft an agenda. This can be a loose breakdown of how you’ll divide the time each day. Remember to allow plenty of time for each activity so participants don’t feel rushed or cut off. Be sure to plan some breaks and downtime.
☐ Draft a list of actions steps for participants to take in advance of the retreat so that they come prepared (i.e. Should they know their conversion rate? Do they need to know how many followers they have on Facebook? etc.)
☐ Draft list of items for participants to bring (i.e. Notepad and pen? Laptop?)

For multi-day retreats, you may need to arrange:

☐ Meals
☐ Coffee & tea
☐ Snacks

If traveling, you may need to arrange:

☐ Airport pick up
☐ Key pick up
☐ Car rental
☐ Downtime activities (i.e. Yoga, hiking, etc.)

Communication on travel days

☐ Does everybody have your contact info? Do you have theirs?
☐ Do participants know how to contact each other upon arrival?
☐ Is Wi-Fi readily available?

Business Retreat Planning Checklist

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