Navigating the Public Domain: What Craft Businesses Need to Know

For crafters and other creators, the public domain is a goldmine of opportunity for inspiration and material for their creative work. There are, however, a lot of misconceptions about what “public domain” means. The challenge is knowing what’s in the public domain, and what you can use it for.

Copyright For All?: The Copyright Claims Board

The new CASE Act is a step forward in making copyright enforcement more accessible to small businesses and individuals who can’t compete with the deep pockets of large corporations.

Legal Building Blocks: The Consignment Agreement

A consignment agreement is important when you’re leaving your goods in the possession of an authorized third party to sell. Kiffanie Stahle walks you through the short form and long form agreements so that you can protect your products or artwork.

Is Your Hiring Process Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Whether you are hiring your first employee, or you already have a staff of hundreds, recruiting best practices are critical for your business. Strong recruiting practices have significant benefits for any organization.

Legal Question & Answer #4 with Patrice Perkins

In this Legal Q&A Session, intellectual property and business lawyer Patrice Perkins will be answering our legal questions. From contracts to copyright to registering your business, get solid legal information you can easily understand so that you can move your business forward.

How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant: A Basic Guide

Curious about ADA requirements for business websites? An increasing number of plaintiffs are filing claims for damages against businesses, alleging that their websites aren’t accessible to all. Take your first steps at making your digital presence compliant with the ADA.

Can I Cancel a Contract Because of Coronavirus?

Attorney Kiffanie Stahle explains whether it’s possible to invoke an “Act of God” clause to end contracts that will become difficult to complete during a public health crisis.

COPPA for Crafty YouTubers: What You Need to Know

A new YouTube settlement with the FTC could have major implications for craft business channels if they don’t comply with marking their channels as “child directed.” Find out how COPPA may impact your YouTube channel.

Product Liability Insurance: Do You Need It? (The Answer is Probably “Yes”)

Any business that sells products to consumers must consider the risks of products liability claims: lawsuits filed by people who allegedly are injured or suffer losses from defective or improperly performing products. Getting product liability insurance can protect you if a claim is filed. Here’s what you need to know.

Legal Question & Answer #3 With Kiffanie Stahle

Kiffanie Stahle is the legal eagle behind the artist’s J.D. In this Q&A session Kiffanie answers members’ legal questions on everything from trademark and copyright to contracts and more!

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