Polymer Clay: The Chameleon of the Craft World

Polymer clay is an art material that’s relatively easy and inexpensive to get into. Often overlooked as being a material meant for children, polymer artists have struggled to be taken seriously in the art and craft world.

How I Got That Gig: Collaboration with Allbirds

Collaborations with like-minded brands can bring your creativity to new heights. Alyson Jon shares what it was like to create a custom embroidery piece for fashion brand Allbirds.

What’s New at AFCI

On Tuesday, August 13, the Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) held a virtual town hall meeting to update its 1,500 member companies on changes that have taken places since transitioning to being managed by Smith-Bucklin, an association management firm, in April.

Long Thread Media Buys Spin Off, PieceWork, and Handwoven

Linda Ligon, John Bolton, and Anne Merrow have come together to buy Spin Off, PieceWork, and Handwoven magazines and related material from Peak Media Properties. The new company is called Long Thread Media LLC and is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Yarn Industry News Update

The yarn industry continued to see a lot of action in the second quarter of 2019. Stacey Trock brings us this report on the latest news from this sector of the industry.

The Slow Decline of Nancy’s Notions

Nancy’s Notions recently announced the closure of its retail store in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. This longtime shopper says she’s saddened, but not surprised given the brand’s decline over the past few years.

Why Etsy’s New Free Shipping Policy is Good for Your Business

Etsy announced today that free shipping will soon become a core part of the shopping experience. “By making free shipping the norm on Etsy, rather than the exception, we’ll connect more people with items that they love,” CEO Josh Silverman stated in a press release. Here’s why this policy might be a good thing for your business.

News Roundup from the Scrapbooking Industry

Nancy Nally brings us quarterly news roundup on the latest from the scrapbooking industry including information on legal cases, mergers and acquisitions, new collaborations, and more. Here’s what’s been unfolding in the spring and early summer months.

A.C. Moore to Launch Its Own Marketplace for Artists and Makers

The arts and crafts chain A.C. Moore is launching its own online marketplace for artists and makers. The company made a major investment in Etsy rival Zibbet in November of 2017 and is now working with Zibbet to create this new platform.

Michaels’ Retail Sales Down 5% in First Quarter

The craft store giant blames the drop in sales on closing Pat Catan’s and Aaron Brothers stores. Michaels’ new CEO is pushing e-commerce and concerned about ongoing tariff disputes with China.

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