AFCI to Merge into NAMTA

The Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) announced yesterday that it intends to merge with The International Art Materials Association (NAMTA). Pending a vote by both organization’s members, the merger will be finalized by mid-August 2021.

Etsy to Acquire Resale Marketplace Depop

Etsy announced yesterday that it is acquiring resale marketplace, Depop, for $1.6 million. We look at why they made this acquisition and what it might mean for sellers.

The Size of the Quilting Market: Quilting Trends Survey Results 2021

Every year for the past ten years Premier Needle Arts has conducted The Quilter’s Survey in order to understand the quilting market, assess its size and growth potential, and to collect data about the typical quilter and her consumer behavior. Here are the 2021 results.

Can Cricut Recover From Its Stumble Over Design Space?

On March 12, Cricut tried to limit free use of the app to 20 uploads a month; to get more users had to subscribe igniting a firestorm of user backlash. They rolled back the announcement, but can they rebuild consumer trust?

Local Yarn Store Day is Returning April 17, 2021

Local Yarn Store Day is a special event designed to bring consumers into local yarn stores. It’s taking place for the fourth time and will be held this year on April 17, 2021.

Stationery Community Rallies Together After Paper Source Bankruptcy Announcement

Small stationery designers received a shock last week when Paper Source, a popular retail chain and dream customer for many small makers, declared bankruptcy. The company, which is now planning to sell itself to lenders and close 11 of its retail locations, has stated that pandemic-related debts caused this decision.

Changes at Swarovski Impact Jewelry Designers

The world-renowned Austrian crystal manufacturer, Swarovski, recently announced it will soon no longer manufacture crystals for the DIY market, leaving retailers and designers scrambling to find worthy replacements for these top-of-the-line components.

WEBS Acquired by LoveCrafts

Kathy and Steve Elkins, owners of WEBS, announced today that they’ve sold the business to LoveCrafts, a UK-based venture-funded startup.

News Roundup from the Scrapbook Industry: Winter 2020

Each quarter Nancy Nally rounds up the latest news from the scrapbook industry including product releases, lawsuits, mergers and acquisitions, new hires, and more. Check out this Winter 2020 update.

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