blue sky fibers sold to malabrigo

Malabrigo Yarn, a Uruguayan company leading the hand-dyed yarn industry has announced today that they have acquired Blue Sky Fibers, a Minnesota yarn manufacturer of consciously crafted, high-quality natural fibers and patterns. This is just one of several recent sales of family-owned yarn companies including Berroco’s sale to Premier Needle Arts and WEBS sale to LoveCrafts, both in 2021.

Previous owners of Blue Sky Fibers, Linda and Chad Niemeyer, have made the decision to retire and sell the business. “After 26 wonderful years, we are thrilled to see our passion for high-quality yarn continue to flourish under Malabrigo’s care. It has been a wonderful journey of discovery, and we are excited to see what the future holds for both Blue Sky Fibers and Malabrigo.”

Overall, the acquisition of Blue Sky Fibers by Malabrigo is a significant development in the world of fine yarns, one that is sure to excite and inspire fiber enthusiasts everywhere. Inspired by nature, colors, and textures, Blue Sky Fibers and Malabrigo are both family-owned companies that have a shared love and commitment to developing yarn that is both beautiful and inspirational. With dedicated customer service being top of mind, these two companies will continue to produce beautiful yarn that knitters can appreciate and celebrate.

Tobias Feder from Malabrigo says, “We are very excited to see our family growing. This is a very important step for us, and I hope it will be a wonderful journey for both companies. We are eager to grow and learn from this process and hope knitters will love this as much as we do.”

For now, Blue Sky Fibers will continue business as usual, and both the headquarters and team will remain in Minnesota. Malabrigo and Blue Sky Fibers will remain separate and will continue to develop yarns suited for their own aesthetic and customers. Blue Sky Fibers will develop their natural fibers and design patterns that coordinate with those yarns. Malabrigo will continue to develop their hand-dyed yarns of incredible softness and wonderful color variations.

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