Leveling Up Your Product Launches with Leanne Pressly

There are myriad ways you can launch a new product or service. In this session, we’ll explore several methods including scarcity marketing, limited editions, limited time availability, sneak peek teasers, gift card hacks, and collaborations.

Build a Brand Community with Ashleigh Brookshaw

Community strategist Ashleigh Brookshaw will show you how building an online community can help your business thrive. She’ll detail how to position your community for success each step of the way.

How to Write Copy That Converts & Sells with Ashlyn Carter

In this webinar, expert copywriter Ashlyn Carter will teach you how to create marketing copy that converts browsers into buyers. Learn to write words that sell, coaching customers through their potential objections, and making your brand stand out among the competition.

Working With Brands

Collaborating with your favorite brands can be a win-win. You get to work with products you love and the brand gets authentic access to your audience. But how do you get started? In this webinar, you’ll hear from three influencers who’ve built brand collaborations into their craft businesses.

Making the Most of MailChimp

A MailChimp beta tester since 2009, Maeri Howard is here to help you get excited about using Mailchimp to Market your business smarter in this webinar!

Take a Peek into Retail Life with Three Brick-and-Mortar Craft Shop Owners

Brick-and-mortar retailers are a cornerstone of the craft industry, but the retail environment is going through drastic changes right now. In this panel discussion, three brick-and-mortar craft shop owners will give us an honest picture of the challenges and opportunities they’re currently facing, and how designers and suppliers fit into the retail picture.

Craft a Consistent Online Presence

Your business started as a reflection of your carefully considered aesthetic. This webinar offers tips for translating that vision to online marketing tools.

Make Your Marketing Plan

How do you reach your buyers? How do you build trust? Tara Swiger teaches marketing to creative business owners and how to craft a business life they love.

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