In the craft industry, it’s the tiniest details that separate the season’s hottest products that fly off the shelves from the products that end up in the discount bin. Staying on top of the upcoming trends is critical in order to design and create the right mix products to excite your customers and drive sales. According to Keith Recker, color specialist and author of Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls, trend forecasting is “about listening to what’s coming,” and an “exercise in removing yourself a little bit from the equation.”

To get a handle on Fall 2023 craft trends, we’ve asked trend forecaster Renee Froerer for her predictions of what’s on its way. Renee wrote a craft industry trends report for us in 2018 when she was working as the Director for Visual Marketing at Darice where she was responsible for watching industry design trends for the company to find new opportunities for products. We’re excited to bring Renee back, now in a freelance role, to provide us with industry trends for Fall 2023.

Here are the trends she’s spotted that you’ll want to be aware of for the coming season.

Punch needle

Punch needle rugs, wall hangings, and even accessories are making a colorful comeback in the decor and crafting worlds.


From hoop embroidery kits to decor embellishments to DIY garment upcycling, traditional hand embroidery is experiencing a resurgence among crafty types.

Granny squares

Crafters have made granny square cool again, adapting it for fashionable use on bags, jackets, and home decor. Watch out for trendy spins on the classic granny pattern, featuring up-to-date icons.

Quilt motifs

It seems like quilt squares are everywhere these days, and not just on quilts. Look for barn square designs in jewelry, fashion, and wall art.


All-seeing eyes, snakes, moon those motifs, and tarot symbols cast their spell on Halloween decor and beyond.

Neutral Halloween

The neutral look turns down the scary and turns up the tranquility for a seamless transition from Halloween to fall seasonal decor.

Foraged Finds

Foraging has gotten a lot of attention on social media lately and has made its way into the crafting scene – after all, what better place to find supplies for an adorable little fall craft than the backyard?

Not So Spooky

Cute ghosts, 70s florals, and the occasional disco pumpkin round out this not-so-spooky Halloween decor look.

Indoor Murals

Who says you shouldn’t draw on the walls? Along with the resurgence of wallpaper, indoor decor has found new inspiration in bespoke and DIY wall paintings.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

DIY teacher appreciation gifts have gotten super classy and are a great fall activity for kids heading back to school.

Renee Froerer

Renee Froerer


Renee is a full-time creative director, enthusiastic trend hunter, and a pretty competent crafter. She has 20 years experience in the design, stationery, and consumer goods spaces. She makes her home in Cleveland, Ohio, where she enjoys biking along the lakeshore and pretending to learn how to play the guitar.

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