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How stressed are you about holiday craft show applications? Can you believe it’s almost September? What happened to 2016?

I haven’t even done some of the things I planned to do in January! One of the things I haven’t done yet is plan the things I’m going to do in 2016!

Why is time going so fast?


(deep breath)


It’s time to apply for holiday craft shows and if you’re stressed out about that at all – I think I can help you.

I used to wish that someone else would do all the research and figure out where I could sell my Shower Art pieces so that I would have time to just make make make and make some more. Eventually I came to the realization that no one was ever going to do that — and I set about figuring it out myself. It seemed like the kind of info that would be useful to our whole community — so I created a website, Unanimous Craft, to track all of my findings.

This incarnation of Unanimous Craft (there have been a few different versions over the years as I’ve perfected the best info to share and the best way to share it) is an index of places where you can sell your handmade and small batch work.

What Does Unanimous Craft Do?


Unanimous Craft is a database of great brick and mortar shops that sell handmade items, websites where you can list your creations and people who produce craft shows. No matter what you want to focus on – you’ll find information to grow your business. Granted, there’s still work to do. You still have to actually contact these places. You have to send them promotional materials. You have to email them and introduce yourself. But now you have a place to start. I often find that is the most difficult part: starting.

Premium Members also have access to our comprehensive craft show calendar where they can view the dates that applications open and close for shows across the country. This is very useful if you – like me – would be very sad when you realized that you had just missed the application deadline for your very favorite show.

You can see an example of what you would have found on our August, 2016 calendar below.


Pretty handy, huh? There’s lots of stuff in there. I KNOW!

Special Stuff Just for CIA Members:

A year-long membership is normally $79.99. The first 50 CIA members who use coupon code: CIARULES at checkout will get their membership for 50% off FOREVER. If you renew, you’ll ALWAYS renew at $40. Offer valid until September 15th.

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Rosalie Gale is the co-inventor of Shower Art: waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. She makes and sells them under the business name: Ugly Baby. She is also the founded and built Unanimous Craft – a website where you can find places to sell your handmade and small batch goods. In her spare time, she opened a brick and mortar shop called Ugly Baby and La Ru in the historic Pike Place Market. She is also currently obsessed with German board games, creating repeating patterns and free-motion embroidery.

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