Blogtacular 2018, event photos, @ 200 Aldersgate

Blogtacular, the fifth annual conference for bloggers, took place in the UK on 15th/16th June, and was a catalyst for many small creative business owners to rediscover the passions that made them start their business in the first place.

The event began on the 15th with ‘fringe events’ including guided photowalks across London where groups of bloggers gathered to find the hidden features of the city. It was an opportunity to learn from each other about photography techniques and seeing things differently. Soon, #Blogtacular was starting to trend on Instagram.

Blogtacular 2018, event photos, @ 200 Aldersgate

When conference day dawned around 300 participants met at a spacious venue in the City, to be greeted by doors decorated with ‘HELL YES!’ The scene was set for an event ‘where creative entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers come together to meet, share, and inspire’.

Blogtacular 2018, event photos, @ 200 Aldersgate

The keynote speaker was Tiffany Han a US coach, podcaster and blogger who talked about getting away from burn out and hustle by being in love with what you do. She spoke about ‘finding your magic’ and how helpful it can be to take part in creative challenges which make sure that you ‘show up’. Tiffany says she is on a mission to change the way creative women chase their dreams – the big scary ones that so many of us push aside out of fear of challenging the status quo:

‘You’re never going to have it all figured out. It’s Okay to say “I don’t know” and still move forward on your big idea.’

Nine workshops offered a choice of specialist topics including SEO, finding your photo style, creating compelling insta-stories, how to write awesome blog posts, design for bloggers, starting a podcast, and much more. Delegates were able to attend three workshops each and these were an opportunity to really drill down into the nitty gritty of these subjects, and to leave each session with an action plan.

Work Hard & Be Nice to People

The closing speaker was Anthony Burrill, a graphic artist, print-maker and designer who is known for his persuasive, up-beat style. He is best known for his ‘Work Hard and Be Nice to People’ print which has become a mantra for the design community and beyond. Anthony presented the visual story of his career, with some beautiful photography and videos of his work.

Blogtacular 2018, event photos, @ 200 Aldersgate

Blogtacular isn’t just about speakers and workshops. The Creative Genius Bar offered a short one-to-one with the expert of your choice to talk about specific questions you wanted help with. And it is also a valuable networking event, set up to encourage even the quietest of introverts to feel comfortable meeting new people. During every break, people made connections with each other and the atrium was filled with the noise of enthusiastic chatter about creative businesses, social media, and blogging. Many people commented about the value of stepping out from behind a computer screen to meet people in real life – because being a solo business owner can otherwise be a lonely existence.

Blogtacular 2018, photo walk North London

As an attendee, I felt positively swept along in the momentum of Blogtacular. I arrived with plenty of questions and left feeling as though I had a plan coming together for moving forward with my new blog, and possibly even a podcast.

Find out more at www.blogtacular.com

Lucy Davies set up Magnolia Tree Wools (www.magnoliatreewools.com) in 2016 and has been learning about the highs and lows of owning a craft business ever since. She writes a blog there, and also now blogs at A Graceful Life (www.agracefullife.uk).

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