Maintaining Your Creative Spark

Creativebug is excited to co-sponsor a powerful webinar with the Craft Industry Alliance, focused on how to maintain your creative spark. Whether you are running a craft business or you’re a person looking to integrate more creativity into your daily life, this 2-1/2 hour FREE webinar is sure to inspire.

Podcast Episode #179: Twinkie Chan

In this podcast episode, crochet designer Twinkie Chan talks about her career in craft including her licensing deal that led to YummyYou, her book deals, teaching with CreativeBug, and more.

Episode #176: Courtney Cerruti

In this podcast episode, Courtney Cerruti, the editor-in-chief of Creativebug, talks about her career at the company as well as her life as an artist, author, and maker.

Podcast Episode #132: Creativebug

On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about online learning with my guests Ursula Morgan and Julie Roehm. Ursula is the CEO of Creativebug, the award-winning DIY art and craft instruction site with 1,000+ videos for all skill levels. For $9.95/month, consumers have an all-access, no boundaries pass to all their […]

How to Pitch an Online Class

Teaching on a platform like Bluprint (formerly Craftsy), Creativebug or CreativeLive is a way to reach existing customers in a new way and find a new and larger audience for your work.

Podcast Episode #49: Diana Fayt

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m talking about the art and craft of ceramics with my guest, Diana Fayt. Diana is a modern-day scrimshander, whose chosen medium is clay rather than whalebone. Drawing on her background as a painter, sculptor, printmaker, and clayer, Diana’s clay surfaces are alive with strange and exotic stories, part […]

Podcast Episode #40: Creativebug with Kelly Wilkinson and Liana Allday

Watching someone make something is an ideal way to learn a new craft. I think video is an incredibly exciting new frontier in craft publishing and I’m especially excited by the beautifully produced video classes found on Creativebug. For me these classes are every bit as special an experience as opening a well-designed craft book, […]

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