Watching someone make something is an ideal way to learn a new craft. I think video is an incredibly exciting new frontier in craft publishing and I’m especially excited by the beautifully produced video classes found on Creativebug. For me these classes are every bit as special an experience as opening a well-designed craft book, with the added intimacy of actually seeing the instructor present the material on camera.

I’m thrilled today to bring you a podcast interview with two members of the Creativebug team who are instrumental in bringing those video experiences to life. My guests are Kelly Wilkinson, the editorial director of Creativebug, and Liana Allday, the senior editor.

In this interview you’ll hear the story of how Creativebug first came about (as a combination of Lynda and Etsy), what kinds of classes the team looks for, and the unique challenges of making and presenting video online.

We talk about the similarities between video and print publishing (Liana was a senior editor at STC Craft/Melanie Falick books before coming to Creativebug and Kelly wrote a book with that publishing house) and we discuss how Courtney Cerutti, a former window designer for Anthropologie, creates the unique sets for each Creativebug instructor. I also emphasize how wonderful the Creativebug instructor videos are.

Creativebug works on a subscription model, but in this episode, Kelly makes an exciting announcement: Creativebug is launching a credit system that will allow subscribers to download classes to keep forever.

Kelly and Liana are also Creativebug instructors themselves. Watch Kelly’s classes on party decorations and weaving with children, and Liana’s class on making leather bags.

And, of course, I asked Liana and Kelly to recommend great stuff they’re enjoying right now.

Liana recommends:

And Kelly recommends:

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