Navigating the New Craft Publishing Landscape

Get inspired and encouraged to finally write that craft book of your dreams. In this lively panel discussion we’ll explore today’s a variety of different issues in craft publishing today.

What to Do When Your Craft Book Goes Out of Print

Writing a craft book can be a great way to establish your credibility as an artist and maker, to share your particular methods with a wider audience, and to create a new revenue stream. But eventually, most craft books go out of print—and when they do, what options do you have to reuse your content?

Podcast Episode #239: Stephanie Rohr

In this podcast, Stephanie Rohr traces her journey from being an actor to designing cross stitch patterns with bold, political messages.

Podcast Episode #205: Tian Connaughton

In this podcast episode, designer and tech editor Tian Connaughton traces the development of her career from learning to crochet from a co-worker while at her corporate job, to designing and publishing patterns in magazines, to teaching others how to get published.

Podcast Episode #200: Karen Barbé

In this podcast interview, artist Karen Barbé talks about the development of her career in embroidery. Raised in Santiago, Karen’s popular blog, Instagram account, and book have inspired thousands of people to learn about color and thread.

Episode #190: Making Stories

In this podcast episode, Hanna Lisa Haferkamp and Claire Walls explain how they create and publish Making Stories, an independent knitting magazine with a focus on sustainability.

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