Watch your Instagram feed burst with inspiration when following these creative paper artists from all over the world. Working with paper as their medium, these artists cut, sculpt or fold what seems like the simplest of materials into extraordinary works. Here are 11 whose Instagram feeds inspire us every day!

Raya Sader Bujana is a Lebanese-Venezuelan paper artist based in Barcelona. Her work is influenced by her strong background in architecture and her love of nature and it’s intricate patterns. She stopped studying architecture to focus on paper art and design because she knew it was what she always wanted to do. Find her on Instagram as littlerayofsunflower.

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” Rumi

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Yang Liu was born in Shanghai and currently tends a garden full of crepe paper art in California. She strives for art that sits somewhere between dreams and reality. She loves the resilient, quiet beauty of flowers and her goal is to capture some of this beauty in paper. Find her on Instagram as shanghai.1984.

For Brittani Rose, paper had always been her medium. Starting with paper dolls, it bloomed into all things delicate and intricate. While originally viewing paper artistry as a hobby, it flourished into a full time business and she now creates art she loves every single day. She is based in California and you can find her on Instagram as brittanirosepaper.

Although Tove Svartkjønnli works full time at a local hospital and has three kids and a dog, she feels that it’s important to find time for herself in her busy life. For her, creating with paper is her sanctuary. She is based in Trondheim, Norway and you can find her on Instagram as papir_lab.

Helen Musselwhite finds a lot of her inspiration from the British countryside. She lives just south of Manchester, with one foot in the urban landscape and the other in the country. She has an affinity with paper and the more she works with it, the more she finds she can do with it. She’s on Instagram as helenmusselwhite.

Lisa Jay is a paper artist with a passion for creativity combined with an appreciation for traditional craft. She produces pieces that are individually hand cut and hand formed, with a focused attention to detail. Based in Shropshire, she creates an array of paper artworks and floral installations to be enjoyed and treasured. Find her on Instagram as lisajaystudio.

Manuela Koosch is a paper artist living in Bucharest, Romania. Inspired by the botanical world, she creates little pieces of nature using paper strips and a bit of glue. She enjoys creating original designs and is fascinated by all the beautiful things which can be created using plain paper strips! Find her on Instagram at paper_to_petal.

Paper artist Larissa Zasadna lives in the Black Sea coastal city of Odesa, Ukraine. Paper quilling art is her favorite passion and she creates her designs with a lot of love and patience. She uses paper of different densities and cuts paper strips by hand. Find her on Instagram at larissa_zasadna.

Susan Beech is a Brighton-based paper artist living in a small apartment by the sea where she creates all her flowers. She constructs and designs the flowers herself, hand cutting and shaping each petal using the finest crepe paper to create a truly unique flower that can last a lifetime. Find her on Instagram at apetalunfolds.

Rosa Yoo is a South Korean-based paper artist who enjoys exploring art with paper. Creating gives her great joy and she loves to make things out of paper because it is a familiar material for adults and children. She mainly creates 3d paper artworks. Find her on Instagram at rosaiyoo.

Ashley Chiang is DC-area paper artist and color aficionado. She uses a bit of tradition thrown in with a whole lot of whimsy and excitement to create her art. With each project, she finds her creativity grows and her skills are honed a bit sharper. Find her on Instagram at paperliberated.

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