Thank you Amy Butler

Amy Butler announced last week that she will be leaving the quilting industry. Her next fabric collection, Natural Beauty, releasing in October, will be her last. “This has been a tough decision for me. It’s been hard to imagine how I could say goodbye to so many people who have allowed me to share in their lives and who have made mine unforgettable,” she wrote in an Instagram update last week.

It’s fair to say that Amy’s work revolutionized the quilting industry. In the early 2000’s when she first began making fabric her bold, saturated prints caught the attention of a new generation whose talent and energy coalesced right at the moment when the internet took hold. The modern quilting movement can, in many ways, trace its roots back to Amy Butler. So many of today’s quilting stars site her fabric or patterns as their very first discovery, the key that unlocked the door of their entire career.

amy butler collage

Amy and her husband, David, live in Ohio and the warm, approachable spirit of the Midwest has always been part of her brand and business. In recent years she’s poured her talents into creativity trips overseas. She’s also created Blossom, a digital magazine devoted to creative expression.

She goes on to say that she’s had to grapple with letting go of designing fabric, something she truly loves, as well as fears of financial insecurity. This has meant working to redefine what success as an artist truly means.

“I have so much gratitude for all that I’ve experienced and look ahead with wild enthusiasm for what’s coming for all of us,” Amy writes. “Thank you for embracing my new chapter that will allow me to share more of my full self. I would not have this opportunity without you and the incredible quilting industry. I love you dearly.”

Amy Butler at Quilt Market

And now it’s our turn to pay tribute to Amy Butler, someone who has played such a pivotal role in our industry and in our lives. We’re inviting everyone in the community to post a reflection about Amy on Wednesday, October 10. (We’ve checked with Amy and she’s kindly given us her blessing to conduct this tribute.)

  • Write a post (blog, Instagram, or Facebook) using the graphic above and link it up here.
  • If you post on Instagram using the hashtag #thanksamybutler             .

Show what you’ve made from Amy Butler fabrics and patterns, tell the story of when you first discovered Amy Butler and how her designs changed your perspective. If you’ve met Amy in person or taken a workshop with her in person or online, talk about that experience. All together we hope these posts will show the impact she’s had on the quilting community and will send her off on her next adventure with a big hug of gratitude from all of us.

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