In the latest fallout from F+W Media’s bankruptcy, Burdasytle.com has announced that the website will be undergoing a complete overhaul on October 21, 2019. Users who have purchased patterns have just a few days to download them before they will become permanently inaccessible. The notice was posted on the Burdastyle website on October 14.

Burdastyle.com is part of Burda Style Inc. which is owned by the German company Hubert Burda Media. In May 2014 Burda Style Inc. entered into an agreement with F+W to distribute its content in the US, Canada, and the UK. F+W Media declared bankruptcy in March.

Many Burdastyle customers balked at the short notice given to download their patterns. “Now I will have to download everything against the clock. This will make me think twice before buying anything digital again from Burdastyle,” wrote one.

Others expressed excitement at the prospect a revamped Burdastyle.com, noting that the website’s user interface lagged far behind the Burda Style sites in Europe and Russia. “I hope with the new site that there will be less spam in the forums,” wrote one commenter. Another added, “This is not a very user friendly website. It is outdated and clunky. Despite my irritation at having to download all the patterns manually onto my computer, my hope is that this will end up being a good change and that the new website will be much more user friendly (especially pattern searching and purchasing).”

For more information contact Burda Style Inc. at hello@burda.fr

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