Optimize Your YouTube Videos for More Reach with Trena Little

In this presentation, YouTube strategist Trena will explain why and how you should be using YouTube in your marketing strategy. She’ll show the power YouTube as it compares with other social platforms and what really makes a video successful on YouTube.

How to Use Zoom for Online Meetings, Classes, and More

In this webinar, you’ll learn to use Zoom to host an online meeting or course. Understand the settings and controls as a Zoom host so that you can set up your meeting or webinar and have an optimal experience for your participants.

Elevate Your Imagery: Use Design & Photography to Sell

When marketing, we have 3 seconds to grab a person’s attention. In this webinar, photographer and graphic designer Nissa Brehmer and Kristy Zacharias explain how to expertly create visual imagery for your brand.

Make Videos that Capture Attention

Social media strategist and video creator Jennifer Priest will lead you through workflows and methods for creating video content on a budget and in very little time. In this webinar, we’ll discuss live video, social media video, and other ways to create and share video content in the context of your business.

Photo Shoot A-Z–Planning, Producing, and Picture Making with Gale Zucker

Are you ready to create beautiful images for your shop, patterns, marketing or book? It is time to have a photo shoot!   Whether you do your own photography or hire a professional, this webinar is a primer on planning photography for your creative business, to take it to the next level.

Producing Your Own Online Video Class

Join award-winning quilter Rebecca Bryan and Alissa Norton, a former video producer for Craftsy, for a webinar about the nuts and bolts of producing a top-notch online video class.

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