What’s the best way to sell your handmade goods online?

Open your own storefront and you’re on an island. If you can’t bring in the traffic yourself you aren’t likely to make enough sales for it to pay off.

Open a store on Etsy and you’ll get lots of traffic, but you’ll also literally be one in a million. You won’t be able to customize your store to promote your brand and potential customers can easily click away, never to return (see my post about the pros and cons of using Etsy versus having a your own storefront here).

What if you could have both? Is it possible to create a customizable storefront that has the look and feel of your brand but also benefits from community traffic and social sharing?

Storenvy may be your answer.

And it’s free.

Storenvy initially launched in late 2009, and has just had a complete relaunch a few months ago that’s led to a 1000% increase in sales. Right now there are 29,000 Storenvy stores. This is an exciting moment for the company with more and more stores opening and new shoppers visiting all the time. Should you join them?

Jon Crawford

I was very pleased today to speak with Jon Crawford, founder and CEO of Storenvy, to learn in-depth about what this platform has to offer small businesses like mine. In our 28 minute conversation we talked about:

  • How Storenvy differs from Etsy.
  • How the social aspect of Storenvy works.
  • Why Storenvy is free for sellers.
  • What the experience is like for shoppers.
  • Why Storenvy might be the better ecommerce choice for handmade businesses.

Here’s a little side by side comparison of the look and feel of two storefronts for the same handmade business: one on Storenvy (left) and one on Etsy (right).

Raining Sugar plush on Storenvy and on Etsy.

The abilility to customize and brand your store makes a big difference, don’t you think? And check out this Storenvy Store, The Individuality, for a sense of the the level of customization that is possible on this platform.

If you have a handmade business and you sell online, or you’re considering it, I think this interview will be relevant and interesting to you. Storenvy is a neat ecommerce option and is certainly worth some serious consideration.

Have further questions or comments about the site or our interview? Please leave a comment and either Jon or I will reply. Thank you and enjoy our talk.

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