flower pounding mixed media illustration from pigeon letters

Flower pounding, or Tatakizome, is an ancient Japanese technique of hammering plants to create patterns on fabric. It is a very simple technique that renders gorgeous results. All you need is fresh flowers, a hammer and either paper, canvas or fabric to transfer the flower “dye”. We cover different techniques and the unique applications of flower pounding, such as embroidery and illustration in this What’s New in Craft.

serial stitchers flower pounding embellished with embroidery

Flower Pounding with Embroidery

Serial Stitcher

The flowers in the artwork are made by hammering fresh flowers to release it’s natural dye. Then, Aparna Agrawal of Serial Stitcher embroidered flower outlines and a portrait over the dye.
flower pounding and embroidery hoop

Flower Pounding with Embroidery

Sparkles n’ Sawdust Studio

Embroidery almost covers the original work of flower pounding in this piece from  Sparkles n’ Sawdust Studio. The finished work is rich with color and texture. Sparkles n Sawdust studio offers seasonal flower pounding workshops and products (such as tea towels and canvas zipper cases) that feature unique flower pounded art.
flower pounding quilts book cover

Flower Pounding: Quilt Projects for All Ages

Ann Frischkorn and Amy Sandrin

This guide features nine step-by-step projects and a gallery of 40 quilts suitable for all ability levels. Includes helpful hints, tested tips, and a photo glossary of 57 different flowers. Incorporating flower pounding allows you to create treasured items to display your summer garden’s bounty for years to come.
Marigold Flower Pounding

Marigold Flower Pounding


Ukrainian artist Ksаna uses pigments from flower pounding combined with watercolor to create gorgeous, modern nature artwork. Her Etsy shop focuses on nature themed watercolor, oil and prints.

Silk Chiffon Scarf, Hand Printed with foraged Morning Glories

Silk Chiffon Scarf, Hand Printed with foraged Morning Glories


Artist Sue forages for morning glories to use the pigment for this hand dyed silk chiffon scarf. Though the fabric has been treated to reduce fading, it is expected to do so over time. 

flower pounding textiles book cover

Flower Pounding (Textiles Handbooks)

Linda Rudkin

Linda explains basic methods and techniques from plant samples to fabric to how to secure the materials and how to apply enough force with a household hammer to give depth and dimension to your work. The book also explains extension exercises in leaf printing, appliqué and flower trapping and how to add further detail using embroidery or quilting to create spectacular one-of-a-kind original work.

Silk Chiffon Scarf, Hand Printed with foraged Morning Glories

DIY Flower Pounding: Bring Nature to Paper – How to Craft Colorful Fine Art with Floral Dye

The Pigeon Letters

This class from The Pigeon Letters walks you through how to create vibrant fine art pieces from the natural pigments of flowers. You’ll learn how to source flowers and greenery, then test them for pigment. Then you’ll create a composition with flower pounding. Finally, you’ll add minimal finishing touches to your pieces with mark making techniques.

woman reading the journal on ipad
the art and craft of pounding flowers book cover

The Art and Craft of Pounding Flowers

Laura C. Martin

Learn how to transfer pigment directly from a flower or leaf onto fabric or paper for an exquisite imprint with just a hammer. Then create a project following the instructions. Includes instructions on choosing the best plants, selecting fabrics and paper, hammering flowers, and preserving your botanical impressions. Includes directions for more than 50 projects, including greeting cards, wrapping paper and ribbon, journals, place mats, napkins, throw pillows, wall hangings, curtains and scarves.

Pansy Notebook

Pansy Notebook


The cover art on this notebook features a design made from pounded blue Pansies on cornflower paper. The pigment of the Pansies turns out vibrant, giving the notebook an appearance of having actual flowers on it.

Do you have any resources for flower pounding? Add them in the comments so we can check them out!

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