corrine sovey cat bags
The Binx Tote Bag Pattern from Corinne Sovey Design Studio makes for the perfect trick or treat bag.

Halloween is anticipated to back to pre-pandemic levels this year, with 69% of consumers expected to participate, up from 65% last year. According to the National Retail Federation, spending is expected to reach a new record of $10.6 billion, up from last year’s $10.1 billion. With this newfound excitement for Halloween, consumers are expected to start shopping early, with nearly half beginning in September or earlier.

This Halloween we are seeing a fresh, modern aesthetic with ginger and mango colors mixed with sultry jewel tones, bold and clean graphics and typography, cartoonish characters, and a splash of humor added into fashion and decor. In costumes, Stranger Things, Elvis, Hocus Pocus, Top Gun, and Adams family have been popular searches on Google.

bee sweet studio ghost print
corrrinne sovey ghost quilt pattern
Left/top: Halloween ghost art print from Bee Sweet Studio. Right/bottom: Ghost in the Graveyard Quilt Pattern from Corinne Sovey Design Studio.

Modern Color Palettes

We are seeing the traditional Halloween color palette replaced with fresh, modern pallettes. Delicate pallettes that include mango and ginger are very on trend this year. Emerald continues to be a popular fall and Halloween color, especially in fashion and apparel. Luxury looks with sequins and shimmery fabrics are also trending this Halloween.

• Mango, ginger, cream color scheme.

• Metallic, jewel tones (especially Emerald), dark pallettes.

• Sequins and shimmery fabrics that create a luxe look.

Whimsical Creatures

We are loving the fun creatures and characters this Halloween! Cartoonish characters like witches, ghosts, cats, and bats are being created using basic drawing and stamping techniques.

Halloween Jewelry & Accessories

The Halloween jewelry and accessories category continues to increase in popularity. Vintage jewlery that either uses heirloom pieces or are inspired by Victorian era pieces will be popular. We’re also going to see an increase in personalized jewelry items like charm bracelets.

• Brooches

• Crystals

• Vintage

• Charm bracelets

• Clay bracelets

Humorous Halloween

Humor and wit will be injected into Halloween items this year, especially home deor and apparel. With Halloween celebrations largely back to in-person pre-covid times, people will be going all out with indoor Halloween decor.

• Witty & witchy signs “witch way to the wine”

• Humorous crop top sweatshirts

• Personalized candy tote bags

• Neon signs

nestingsbyrobin witch wall hanging
Wayward Sisters digital pattern from NESTLINGSbyRobin.
stitched stories embroidery kit
flourishing and fibers sugar skulls
Left/top: Pumpkins and Owls Embroidery Kit from Stitched Stories Emroidery Kits. Right/bottom: Sugar Skull digital pattern from Flourishing Fibers.

Paper Goods Trends

While total spending on costumes, decorations and candy is expected to reach record levels, there was a slight drop in spending on greeting cards (NRF). Since indoor parties will be more abundant this year, we will see a lot of designers offering digitial downloads of Halloween prints for customers to print at home to decorate their homes.

• Bold, clean capital letters

• Vintage inspired fonts: chalkboard & typewriter and calligraphy

• Digital downloads for Halloween prints

Kate Ankeny

Kate Ankeny

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