Before we begin today’s post, take a minute to think of the name of a craft blogger whom you would identify as being financially successful. Okay, got one in mind? Imagine if that person wrote a blog post once a month in which they reported to their readers how much money they made and from which sources, and posted screenshots of their Google Analytics reports showing exactly how much traffic their blog generated.


Bjork and lindsay ostrom
Honestly, I’ve never seen a craft blog do this, but I do know a food blog that does. It’s called Pinch of Yum and it’s run by Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom.
Pinch of Yum
When I thought about why I’ve never seen a craft blogger be perfectly honest and open about the financial side of their business I figured it was due to traits inherent to the population of craft bloggers. We are primarily women and we are socialized that talking openly about money is boastful and unflattering. We are artists and so we aren’t expected to have profitable businesses. But reading the monthly traffic and earnings reports on Pinch of Yum has begun to change my mind. Granted Pinch of Yum is a food blog, not a craft blog, but I don’t think the two niches are all that dissimilar. Both have a focus on how-to instructions and visuals, crafting and cooking are both domestic pursuits, and craft bloggers and food bloggers are both primarily women. And here’s a food blogger talking openly about money and traffic! My heart skipped a beat. How brave!
Today on the podcast I talk with Bjork about how Pinch of Yum went from earning $21.07 in August of 2011 to earning $8,673.27 in June of 2013. As you’ll see, Bjork is incredibly helpful when it comes to figuring out how to monetize a blog, and realistic about the work that goes into it. We also talk about why he began writing these reports and what effect it’s had on Pinch of Yum.

Creating a really good blog is wonderfully rewarding in its own right, but it’s also a tremendous amount of work. If you’re at all interested in earning money from your blog, maybe just a little pocket change or perhaps eventually a full-time income, this interview is for you.

We chat for 36 minutes and you can listen by clicking the link below, or subscribe for free in iTunes.

A few links from our talk:

  • Read all of Pinch of Yum’s income reports here
  • Tasty Food Photography is Lindsay’s ebook
  • Food Blogger Pro is Bjork and Lindsay’s video series and community for food bloggers
  • ClickTale is the software Bjork references that shows you how your readers are using your site
  • Shay Bocks is the designer of Pinch of Yum’s site

Have a question or comment? Let’s continue the conversation. Could a craft blogger do this sort of reporting? What would the repercussions be?


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