Craft Industry Alliance announces it is partnering with MyHealthily to provide access to healthcare coverage options for our members, their employees, and their families. This additional benefit will enable members to save year after year on healthcare costs, as well as provide better healthcare coverage.

“Offering healthcare coverage as a member benefit has been a longtime goal,” says co-founder Abby Glassenberg. “After a lot of research, MyHealthily was the perfect fit because they really cater to the needs of small business owners. We’re very excited to launch Craft Industry Healthcare in partnership with MyHealthily.”

Craft Industry Healthcare, the marketplace launched by MyHealthily, offers benefits to all members, along with flexibility in plan design and provider. Bundled with the coverage, at no additional cost and no co-pay, is Prosper Benefits, a suite of non-insurance benefits that enables members to take control of their healthcare costs.

MyHealthily helps small business owners solve major pain points by providing them with streamlined enrollment, wow customer service, and choice and value with affordable healthcare coverage. They’ve launched healthcare benefits to help members of many business associations to enroll in complete healthcare coverage solutions in a simple and effective way.

Michael Malhame, President of MyHealthily added, “I am confident that offering the ability to access healthcare coverage via Craft Industry Healthcare will enable MyHealthily to provide unprecedented service levels.”  Malhame continued, ”Since the signing of the ACA, group health insurance plans have increased at over three times the rate of general inflation. Ninety-seven percent of Americans do not know what their insurance covers and the process of shopping for and enrolling in coverage remains a significant burden to employers and employees. MyHealthily and Craft Industry Alliance are helping to take significant steps to help resolve the situation for small business owners in the crafts industry.”

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