Ellison's Ongoing Legal DisputesAs reported in this column back in April, Sizzix parent company Ellison Education is still engaged in patent infringement litigation against multiple companies over its patent on technology for dies that align with stamps. The only action in the Ellison case against Stephanie Barnard Designs since March has been the addition of a new attorney for Ellison and a protective order stipulated to by both parties that dictates how confidential business information will be handled during the discovery process.Similarly, court action in the Ellison case against Hero Arts has been limited the past several months to a protective order and revisions to the schedule for the case. In the most recently filed Ellison case, against Heartfelt Creations, action since March has been focused on dueling briefs from the parties about Heartfelt’s motion to dismiss the case. Ellison has also been going through the legal paperwork of adding their California lawyers to the Heartfelt Creations case, which is taking place in Indiana. Significant action has taken place in Ellison’s case against Avery Elle, however. According to court records, a binding settlement was reached on May 13th during what is called an “Early Neutral Evaluation Conference” between the parties held in front of a magistrate judge. A court session to finalize the settlement is scheduled for June 28th. Details of the settlement are unknown, and likely to be kept as confidential between the parties.MISTI Legal ActionThe legal action between My Sweet Petunia and Stampin’ Up continued as well these past few months, with My Sweet Petunia alleging that Stampin’ Up has infringed their patent on their MISTI stamp platform. Stampin’ Up lost their initial motion to dismiss the case in late April. The case now moves into a discovery phase that is scheduled to take most of the rest of 2019, with a yet-to-be-determined trial date.

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