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On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about quilting and art history with my guest, Casey York.

Casey has sewn for most of her life and has been making quilts for a decade. Initially inspired by the graphic possibilities of appliqué, she has worked in the quilting industry to push the boundaries of this tradition with her graphic, contemporary designs and patterns. Casey received her Ph.D. in art history in 2012 and is known in the quilting industry for her two books, Modern Appliqué Illusions (2014) and The Appliqué Book (2016). Her first line of fabric, Fine|Spun, Volume One, was released by Studio 37 Fabrics (a division of Marcus Textiles) in the summer of 2017.

Sakura by Casey York


We begin the conversation by talking about Casey’s name. She uses a trade name and explains how and why she made that decision. Next we talk about how she first began making quilts and what drew her to applique. Casey discusses the various ways in which her academic background assists her as a designer.

Apiary by Casey York


Casey and I have been online friend for a long time and I remember many years ago when she announced her intention to become a fabric designer. In this chat I ask her to explain the very methodical way in which she went about making this dream into a reality. Casey talks frankly about rejection and how deliving into adjacent opportunities, such as teaching and writing books, helped her to achieve her goal.

Colorwash Throw by Casey York

Colorwash Throw

We refer to:

This is a dynamic chat about the business of quilting and Casey is very generous and open. If you’re interested in designing fabric, writing books, teaching, or working in the quilting industry you’ll find many nuggets of wisdom here.

And, of course, I ask Casey to recommend great stuff she’s enjoying right now. Casey recommends:


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Catch up with Casey on her website and on Instagram.

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