On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about wool, texture, and embroidery with my guest, Sue Spargo.

Fresh Cut quilt by sue spargo

Fresh Cut by Sue Spargo.

Sue is an internationally renowned designer, teacher, and textile artist. She’s authored several books including Creative Stitching (affiliate link) and teaches on Craftsy as well as keeping up a rigorous travel schedule. Thirty five of her quilts were exhibited at the International Quilt Show in Houston in 2017 and in Chicago in 2018. Born in Zambia and raised in South Africa, Sue’s work is influenced by the color, energy, and simplicity of traditional African design. Today, her business is based in Ohio where a staff that includes several of her children prepare and ship a wide range of hand dyed and mill dyed wools, threads, kits, notions, and patterns from SueSpargo.com.


Mill dyed wool by Sue Spargo.

Eleganza thread by Sue Spargo for Wonderfil.

Creative Stitching Second Edition by Sue Spargo

Sue’s first book, Creative Stitching.

In this conversation, Sue begins by describing the scope of her business as it looks right now. She then traces how she got to this point. Sue is formally trained as a nurse and began taking classes and working in the fiber arts when she moved to the US and didn’t have a license to continue to work in that field. Over time she began exploring and perfecting techniques in wool applique, embroidery, and embellishment.

Sue talks about how her partnership with Wonderfil came about and why it’s been a great collaboration. Sue was very early on the web (her site launched in 2002) and she self-published her books with great success. From the start, Sue has been running a block-of-the-month program and today it has 1,200 subscribers.

In Full Bloom by Sue Spargo

In Full Bloom by Sue Spargo.

Sue Spargo's Students

Students in one of Sue’s classes show off their work.

Sue explains why she doesn’t sell her quilts. She also talks about how she has successfully employed many of her family members in her business over the years including her father, her sister, and three of her children.

And, of course, I ask Sue to recommend great stuff she’s enjoying right now. Sue recommends:

Catch up with Sue on Instagram and on her blog and website.

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