This episode of the podcast is a little bit different because it’s the annual Community Episode. As we wrap up the year I turn to you, my listeners, and ask you to recommend great stuff you’re enjoying right now.

I have to say this is one of my favorite episodes of the year! I always learn about new and interesting things and it’s so fun to have your voices on the show. (Listen to Community Episode from years past here and here).


Like in years past, my friend, Stacey Trock, co-hosts this episode with me. Stacey and I met on Twitter many years ago. She comes from a crochet background and is now a marketing consultant for craft businesses. Stacey is an avid reader and maker and I love having her help me wrap up the year on the podcast.

The recommendations fall into three general categories: books, notions and tools, and apps and websites/podcasts. We introduce each category by recommending a few things that we love and then we’ll hear from listeners.

We start out with books:

Stacey recommended

I recommended:

And then we heard from listeners. One listener recommended an event, so I put that in the book section since we didn’t have many books:

Next up we recommended notions and tools.

Stacey recommended:

  • Twill and Print enamel pins
  • using a Surface and backing up to the cloud
  • leaving papers in your English Paper Piecing project until the very end

I recommended:

Listeners had lots of great recommendations in this category!

About halfway through the episode, I drew two names at random from all of the listeners who were brave enough to call in. A big thank you to Spoonflower and Chronicle Books for donating lovely prizes for the winners!

Next up we move on to apps, websites, and podcasts.

Stacey recommends:

And I recommend:

Listeners recommend:

Whew! So many neat new things to check out. I hope this episode introduces you to few gems you will enjoy in 2019. Thank you so much to all of the listeners who called in this year. It was tremendous fun to hear your voices and I so appreciate your willingness to be part of the show.


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