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On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about making a living as an artist and surface pattern designer with my guest, Sarah Golden.

Sarah is a painter and surface pattern designer living in Sacramento, California with her husband and 5-year-old twin girls. She paints abstracts, lots of plants and is a fabric designer for Andover Fabrics.

Sarah Golden in her studio.

Sarah grew up in a tiny town in California and, although she was highly creative as a child, she considers herself to be a late bloomer when it comes to the visual arts. Sarah spent many years making music, singing, and writing songs and playing the guitar. Traditional schooling didn’t work so well for her so she moved to L.A. and got various jobs in coffee shops before becoming a music publicist. That job taught her a lot about the strategy behind what often appears to be “easy” or “quick” artistic successes, and many of the lessons she learned during that period she still employs today albeit for marketing her own visual artwork.

Tiger Plant, Sarah Golden’s second collection for Andover.

Sarah discovered artmaking in her 30s. When she had her twin daughters she took an online printmaking class with Jen Hewett and learned how to create surface designs by carving stamps, a process Sarah says appealed to her immediately. She began sewing and printing and has really never looked back!

“Layers no. 18” by Sarah Golden.

One of the things Sarah did around this time was to convert her Instagram account from a personal account used to share photos of her life into a business account used to exclusively share images of her art-making process. I ask Sarah to explain how she did this and the effect it had on her business. One of the results of this transformation was her first fabric line with Andover.

For a long time, Sarah worked out of a converted garage attached to her home. Just recently she began renting an outside studio space where she can focus on painting. We talk about the impact of this transition on her thought process, it challenges and rewards.

“Monstera Obliqua no. 1” print by Sarah Golden.

And, of course, I ask Sarah to recommend great stuff she’s enjoying right now. Sarah recommends:

You can keep up with Sarah on her website and follow her on Instagram for daily updates.


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