In episode #18 of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, I talk with Meighan O’Toole and Caro Sheridan. I’ve hung out with both Meighan and Caro here in Boston this year, but they haven’t met in person. It was great to introduce them through the show!

Meighan and Caro have both created incredible careers for themselves in art, craft, and small business, but they come at these topics from really different places.

Caro was born on the west coast of Canada and spent her formative years in creative environs surrounded by fabric, yarn, and cameras. By the time she was 8 years old, she had already learned to set-in sleeves and develop her own film. Although she tried her hand at professional dancing and snowboarding for several years, she has since returned to her roots and is putting her knitting, sewing and photography skills to good use at Splityarn.com, her home base for all things professional and crafty. Caro teaches the Craftsy class Shoot It: A Product Photography Primer and is the co-author of Knitting it Old School.

Meighan is a digital and social media strategist. She’s passionate about connecting people to technology and information to expand and develop their online experience. She believes that the Internet offers endless opportunities, and is interested in helping people find their own promise within it. Her expertise lie in training and educating small creative brands, and individuals on creating community, deepening their presence online, and defining their voice via social media. Meighan was the force behind the incredibly popular art blog My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses which she had from 2007-2012. Today you can find her at MeighanOToole.com.

During our conversation Caro, Meighan, and I talk about our current projects and then we each recommend things we are loving right now.

Caro recommends:


Meighan recommends:


And I recommend:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Emailing your list more often

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Enjoy the show!

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