On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about brand collaborations with my guest Tisa Jackson.

Tisa Jackson is the colorful brains behind This Is Tisa.  Tisa is a stationery designer and DIY craft content creator and workshop instructor. She’s inspired by color and has a passion for bright, colorful, happy designs and DIY projects.  Tisa has collaborated with brands such as HP, Michaels, Cricut, Beacon, and Silhouette. Visit her blog and you will come away learning quick and easy crafts, even if you don’t consider yourself a crafter.  

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We begin this conversation with Tisa recalling how art class was her favorite subject in school. She also really loved learning cursive and still have great handwriting. Later on, when she was working, a mentor offered to sponsor her to attend art classes where she learned painting. Then a neighbor invited her to attend a card-making party. After attending a few of these parties, she became a stamping instructor. Making cards was a way to destress, but friends started asking her to create sets for them and soon Tisa began selling her cards at local craft fairs.

Tisa at work.

Her business was not online for a long while. She began expanding into offering different products such as clipboards and bookmarks. She was still hand cutting paper and using a paper cutter, but hadn’t gotten a cutting machine yet. She began sharing her work on Facebook at first, and then a friend encouraged her to start a blog and attend Snap!, a blogging conference in Salt Lake City. There she was introduced to the world of blogging and creating an online business working with brands. She continued to attend Snap! for many years prior to COVID.

A selection of Tisa’s products.

Through a relationship she formed at Snap!, Tisa was invited to an HP event for creators. A few weeks later she was invited to become part of HP’s creator team and that was her first brand partnership. From that experience, she learned to create videos and take high-quality photos. Tisa’s word of advice about securing brand deals? “Someone is always watching you.” By this, she means that you may have Instagram followers who work for large companies but follow you with a personal account and observe your work for a long time before making you an offer.

Tisa has a really successful Instagram account with curated, beautiful photos. She says using Instagram Stories to connect with her followers in a “more real” and less varnished way has really helped her to grow her following. Reels have also been highly successful for her. Tisa talks about some of the subsequent brand deals she’s gotten and what she’s learned from each one.

Tisa was part of a marketing campaign with Michaels called Maker Spotlight. Watch the video to learn more about her and get some glimpses into her beautiful home studio.

We also talk about the products that Tisa creates to sell in her Etsy shop including rainbow marker packs, round clipboards, and other happy stationery and home goods that fit into her brand aesthetic. 

And, of course, I ask Tisa to recommend things she’s enjoying right now. Tisa recommends:

  • crafty magazines including HGTV Magazine and DIY Magazine
  • blinging all the things using Beacon Adhesives and rhinestones
  • organizing your home for peace of mind

Keep up with Tisa on her website and on Instagram, and purchase her products from her Etsy shop.

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