On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about creating craft media with my guest Anne Merrow.

Anne Merrow started off as a book editor but has turned a series of hobbies—knitting, spinning, and weaving—into a beloved career. She is a founder and partner of Long Thread Media, which publishes Handwoven, Spin Off, PieceWork, Little Looms, and other content related to fiber arts. She serves as the company’s editorial director and host of the Long Thread Podcast. Anne lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and naughty cats.

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We begin this interview with Anne explaining how she came to co-found Long Thread Media, a company that purchased Spin Off, Handwoven, and PieceWork magazines in the F+W Media bankruptcy auction. Anne talks about why she felt it was so important to preserve and revitalize the fiber publications.

Next, I ask Anne to share what her life was like growing up, how she learned to knit, and what she studied while an undergrad at Princeton. Anne started her publishing career in fiction and non-fiction books at Random House in the late 1990s and she shares what that experience was like and how she made the transition to craft publishing.

Anne was at Interweave for a long time and held many positions there. She talks about the unique nature of writing and publishing craft books and magazines and what has held her interest and kept her excited about this genre for so long.

I ask Anne to tell us what she’s learned from Linda Ligon, the founder of Interweave and an inspiring leader and force in the industry. We also talk about John Bolton, former General Manager of Interweave and co-founder of Long Thread Media, and the role that his craft beer magazine has played in ensuring the longevity of the fiber magazines Long Thread publishes today. Anne is also the host of The Long Thread podcast and we talk about why audio is an important part of the future of the brand.

And, of course, I ask Anne to recommend great stuff she’s enjoying right now. Anne recommends:

Keep up with Anne via Long Thread Media and see what’s new on the Long Threaad Media Instagram account.

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