Today on the podcast I’m talking with two incredible women with creative businesses.

My first guest is Mimi Tsang. Mimi is the designer and owner of hello shiso, a company making fun and modern accessories for girls.  She is based in Berkeley, CA.  Thanks to a mom who had her own obsession with accessories, Mimi grew up with perfectly coiffed hair and fond memories of her favorite hair clips.

Hello Shiso Onlinehello shiso was born in 2010 when Mimi decided to make her own accessories in her backyard studio with the hopes of creating lasting memories for other little girls. Today, hello shiso hairclips are available in over 100 retail stores nationwide and Mimi exhibited at the Playtime trade show in New York this year.

I’m also pleased to be joined by Jahje Bath Ives. Jahje’s company, Baby Jives, makes mobiles for nurseries and kid’s rooms. Jahje is an artist and mother living and working in Philadelphia. When she had children of her own she knew she didn’t want a nursery like every other.

BabyJives onlineIn her final month of nesting before the baby was born, she focused on creating an element of art that could move and entrance her new baby and that was a mobile. That became the kernel of a business idea. Jahje still makes every mobile by hand in her Philadelphia studio using a trusty old Bernina sewing machine that’s as old as she is.

Mimi and Jahje are both experts at styling photos with their products. Jahje refers to this beautiful nursery one of her customers designed around her mobile.  Both Jahje and Mimi use Instagram in a really effective way and I recommend following them there to see excellent examples of marketing your products on that platform.

In this episode, we dig deep into what it’s really like to own a successful business and the tradeoffs its can cause in your creative life.

After talking about how both of these talented creative business owners got their start, Mimi and Jahje and I recommend some great stuff we’re enjoying right now.

Mimi recommends:

Jahje recommends:

And I recommend:

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