On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about card making with my guest Simon Hurley.

Simon Hurley started cardmaking when he was 12 and loved that each card was a unique canvas to work on. After sharing his work on YouTube, he slowly grew a loyal community of crafters who watched his videos. This led to him filming a cardmaking class at Scrapbook.com when he was 14 and several more thereafter. At age 16, Simon partnered with Ranger to launch a line of inks, stamps, and stencils that are perfect for cardmaking. The product line has since grown and Simon has become known for his versatile Stamping Foam and metallic Lunar Paste. Simon has continued making videos and growing his community on Youtube and you can find many inspirational videos using his products there.


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Simon is our youngest podcast guest to date at only 22 years old, but he started his craft business when he was even younger. We begin this conversation by talking about his early crafting experiences and how he got the idea to begin reaching out to brands to review products and create video content. Simon explains how those initial pieces of content led to partnerships that have grown over time, helping him to grow his hobby into a full-time business. We specifically talk about partnerships with Scrabook.com and Ranger Ink.

We dive into what Simon has learned about creating compelling video content for YouTube and livestreaming. Simon provides some tips for building a channel following and he shares some information about his camera and tech setup.

Simon is a confident public speaker and he explains how his interest in drama and performance as a child has helped him to feel confident on camera. He also talks about filming online classes and what he’s learned through working with the video teams who do the filming.

And, of course, I ask Simon to recommend great stuff he’s enjoying right now. Simon recommends:

Keep up with Simon on his YouTube channel and on Instagram to see what he’s up to next.

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