Today on the Craft Industry Alliance podcast I’m talking with textile designer Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx. Heather lives in South Africa and I live in Boston so it was pretty amazing to chat with her and learn about her business and daily life on the other side of the world.

Skinny LaMinx Fabric ScrapsFabric scraps by Skinny LaMinx

In 2007 Heather started experimenting with screenprinting in her spare time. She had no idea that just a few years later she’d have a shop, nine employees, and a wholesale business sending her fabrics, cushions, housewares, and more all around the world.

Skinny LaMinx CushionsCushions by Skinny LaMinx

Her surface design has both Scandinavian and African influences. It’s modern and simple and lovely.

Skinny LaMinx is a brick-and-mortar shop, fabric warehouse, and design studio on Bree Street in Cape town. Here’s the storefront:

Skinny LaMinx Bree Street Shop

We talk about:

  • raising seed money to start a new business (the royalties from a successful illustration job, the popular Kagiso Readers, gave Heather enough financial freedom to start Skinny LaMinx)
  • taking on a business partner and hiring employees
  • expanding without compromising your ideals (everything in the Skinny LaMinx line remains locally produced, including the cotton which is milled in South Africa)
  • Heather’s long-standing Etsy shop and whether a business like Skinny LaMinx is still a good fit for that platform

Skinny LaMinx Tea TowelNapkins by Skinny LaMinx

Heather is very good at Instagram, where she had more than 16,000 followers. She explains how using Instagram helps her in her art practice while also growing brand awareness. I found Heather’s perspective on Instagram especially helpful in my own thinking about social media use.

In our conversation Heather refers to a few things including:

And, of course, I ask Heather to recommend great stuff she’s loving right now. Heather recommends:

Check out Heather’s fabric lines with Cloud9, visit her Etsy shop, and follow her on Instagram. You can read Heather’s blog and peruse the entire Skinny LaMinx catalog to see her product full line.

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