On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about Etsy Wholesale, with my guests Dana Mauriello and Rachel Greenwald.

Dana is currently the Director of Seller Category Growth at Etsy where she is responsible for managing Etsy’s Wholesale business.

Rachel is the Seller Growth Lead for Etsy Wholesale. She manages programs that drive platform growth and education to help creative entrepreneurs start and grow their wholesale business.

Etsy Wholesale

We begin our discussion by defining exactly what wholesale means and how it differs from selling on consignment. Next, we talk about how you can know if wholesale is right for your business. We talk about some of the areas of your business that will need attention if you choose to sell wholesale such as pricing, packaging, branding, and managing cash flow. And we discuss some of the positive aspects of selling wholesale including diversifying your sources of income, benefiting from different cycles of buying, and getting national exposure for your products.

Dana and Rachel explain exactly what Esty Wholesale offers. Find out how much it costs, how retailers and sellers are vetted and selected, and what exactly those retailers are looking for. Learn about how big the marketplace is currently and how retailers and sellers connect on the platform.

Wholesale has a whole vocabulary of its own – keystone pricing, margins, net terms, lead time, breakage, line sheets. Etsy offers a whole library of helpful articles that explain these terms so that you can learn more about how wholesale works and how to get ready to sell wholesale if you’d like to take your business in that direction. They’re also offering a free email course that anyone can take. Toward the end of the podcast, Dana and Rachel give you the best email address to use if you have particular questions you’d like to ask.


In our conversation we reference:

And, of course, I ask Dana and Rachel to recommend great stuff they’re loving right now.

Dana recommends:

Rachel recommends:



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