On today’s episode of the While She Naps podcast we’re talking about sewing your own clothes with my guest, Heather Lou. Heather is a Montreal based sewing pattern designer and blogger at Closet Case Files. She was once a shopaholic Vogue-reading fashion obsessive, a lifestyle she says left her with a packed closet, nothing to wear, and a whole lot of consumer debt. Then a few years ago she made a deal with herself that the only “new” things that could come into her closet would be things she made herself.

BOMBSHELL_PROMO2_2048x2048The Bombshell Swimsuit.

Sewing quickly took over her life and today Heather is a successful pattern designer with a thriving business.

In this interview, I ask Heather to tell us about her family life growing up. She also talks about what the creative and small business scene is like in Montreal where she lives. Heather tells us how she named her blog and created the moniker “Lou” for her last name online.

Nettie_sewing_pattern_Dress_pattern_bodysuit_pattern_grande_2048x2048The Nettie Bodysuit.

Heather loves to blog and she’s an avid reader of blogs and supporter of the sewing blog community. She started her blog in 2011 and we talk about what keeps her blogging after five years.

We analyze what made the Bombshell Swimsuit and the Ginger Jeans such successful patterns and what it’s like to try to work on the design that comes after massive success.

Ginger-Skinny-Jeans-Pattern-Closet-Case-Files-16_grandeGinger Jeans.

I ask Heather to tell us the path she took to quit her day job as a commercial interior designer and become self-employed and I ask her where she found her new assistant.

Recently Heather decided to begin creating print patterns in addition to digital and we talk about how she funded this venture (with a bank loan rather than Kickstarter) and how it’s gone so far. We also conjecture about the future of the Big 4 pattern companies. Finally, I ask Heather to tell us who she admires right now in the indie sewing scene.

During our conversation Heather references:

And, of course, I ask Heather to recommend great stuff she’s enjoying right now. Heather recommends:

Keep up with Heather on her blog or send her a message on Instagram.


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