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On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about fabric with my guest, Mickey Krueger. Mickey is the president of Windham Fabrics, one of the leading manufacturers serving the quilting industry today.

I’m especially excited about this episode because we recorded it live at Sew Pro, a convention for sewing professionals that took place for the first time a few weeks ago, and we had a live studio audience! Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the podcast being made.

Mickey is a warm and open person and we had a terrific conversation about the state of quilting industry today. If you love fabric and have ever thought of becoming a fabric designer, or you’re curious how things work on the manufacturing side, this episode is for you.


Windham’s booth at Quilt Con and Mickey Krueger handing out fabric necklaces at the event.

We begin the conversation talking about how Windham Fabrics was formed. This is a family business which Mickey’s father co-founded as Baum Textiles. The company pivoted in the lat 1990s to begin serving the newly burgeoning quilting industry.

Mickey talks about how the design side of the business has evolved over the last 20 years and he reveals what he’s looking for in a designer today. Listen for specific recommendations on how to present a portfolio and attract a manufacturer’s attention.


Opalescence by Whistler Studios and Starlight by Katia Hoffman, both for Windham.

We talk about Quilt Market and how Windam’s approach to the trade show, and the trade show’s relevance overall, has shifted over the last few years. We also discuss Windham’s wholesale strategy including the choice to sell to the fabric giant, Fabric.com, as well as to small Etsy shops, and what that means for local quilt shops.

Mickey explains the manufacturing process from start to finish including why cottons are sourced overseas and why quilting cotton is printed overseas. We talk about the possibilities of digital printing presents, as well as its limitations.

UPPERCASE editor Janine Vangool with her debut fabric collection.

And, of course, I ask Mickey to recommend something he’s enjoying right now. Mickey recommends UPPERCASE magazine (and see the new UPPERCASE line with Windham).

Catch up with Windham Fabrics on their blog, Instagram, and Facebook page to see the latest news.


FabriFlair by Indygo Junction

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