On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about quilting, painting, and living a creative life with my guest Melissa Averinos.

Melissa Averinos paints, makes quilts, and writes craft books.

She won a Judge’s Choice Award at QuiltCon 2015 for her quilt ‘face #1’ and won Best In Show at QuiltCon 2016 for her quilt ‘My Brother’s Jeans’.

Melissa travels nationally to teach her signature class ‘Making Faces with Melissa’ at quilt shops, guilds, and retreats such as QuiltCon and Craft Napa. Melissa is the author of seven books. Her first coloring book for C&T Publishing, Awesome Town, was released in September of 2016.

Melissa’s newest fabric collection YUMMIES for Me+You, a division of Hoffman California, will debut at Fall Quilt Market 2016.

Melissa lives on Cape Cod.


‘face #1’ by Melissa Averinos.

Progress Shot

The kind of progress shots Melissa posts on Instagram.

We begin the conversation by talking about designing fabric. Melissa has been designing fabric for many years and has had collections with other companies before Me+You. She explains how her understanding of quilting and what quilters actually need has informed her design process and made her fabrics more successful over time. She also talks about being a self-described “imperfectionist” and how that informs the way she markets herself in the industry.

My Brother's Jeans quilt

Melissa with her quilt, ‘My Brother’s Jeans.’

Next, we talk about Melissa’s award-winning quilt, ‘My Brother’s Jeans.’ She takes us through the creation process, from finding the materials to designing and sewing the quilt, and then recounts the incredible feeling she got when it was awarded Best in Show at QuiltCon. We then talk about what happened afterward when she returned home and back to normal life. Melissa explains how she dealt with reading criticism of the quilt online and helped herself to process it and move on.


Melissa’s new coloring book for C&T Publishing.

Melissa is honest about dealing with depression throughout her life and in this episode, she explains in a very real way how depression held her back for so many years and how treating it has opened up new opportunities for her in recent years. I so appreciate Melissa’s willingness to open up about this issue and I hope that her words encourage other people in our industry to talk openly about mental health issues.


Illustration by Melissa Averinos.

At the end of the episode, I ask Melissa to recommend great stuff she’s loving right now. Melissa recommends:

Keep up with Melissa on her blog and on Instagram where you can see updates on her quilt-making and teaching.


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