pressed flowers kit
The Flower Press Kit from Textures Factory includes everything you need to get started pressing and  preserving flowers.

Pressing fresh flowers to preserve their beauty is a timeless craft practiced all over the world. Recently, artists and craftspeople have been incorporating pressed flowers into their work in surprising and unique ways, including blown glass, resin, jewelry, ceramics, and candlemaking. In our latest trends post, we’re exploring modern applications of pressed flowers. Let’s take a look!

speckled designs

Colorful Daisy Pressed Flower earrings

Speckled Designs

These earrings are handmade in polymer clay and colorful pressed daisy flowers. Each set of earrings is hand cut and finished and made to order for each customer. A bright and cheery earring to accent any wardrobe.

cosmos candle

The Cosmos Candle

JOCO Candles

Joco candles delicately applies pressed flowers with significant meaning into each of their candles. The Cosmos candle is a hand crafted rapeseed wax candle featuring a pressed Cosmos on the inside of the glass. Cosmos flowers symbolize order tranquility, peace, innocence, and love and they are also the birth flower for October.

Splau Bolo


Manic Botanicc  uses pressed and preserved flora and fauna to create tiny and incredibly detailed ornamental clasps for bolo ties. These bolo ties are a unique way to freshen up your western wear or dress shirt.

The Flower Press Kit

Textures Factory

The Flower Press includes everything you need to get started pressing flowers and botanicals, packaged beautifully in a wooden box. Collect bits of nature, then create beautiful objects, compositions, cards, books and more with your pressings. Kit includes pine-wood handmade flower press, herbarium to collect your pressed flowers, stickers to identify your plants, blotter to dry the plants and keep them in your herbarium, cardboard sheets for your press, chrome scissors and step-by-step illustrated Handook with instructions in English.

pansy tower

The Pansy Tower

Reed Navarro Art

The pansy tower is a work of art that you can use to display food. This intricate tower was created using resin, gold leaf and real dried flowers. It is food safe and heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

rasmussen pottery

Pressed Flower Ceramic Wall Piece

Rasmussen Pottery

This decorative wall piece is make from stoneware clay imprinted with actual leaves, petals and stamps of various kinds and finished with a natural pallette of glazes. This plaque would go nicely in a bathroom, kitchen or small space that could use a decorative touch.

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