In an update to the story posted Friday, Quilts, Inc. emailed exhibitors this morning saying they’ve secured a funder and will be issuing full refunds to all vendors for Spring Quilt Market 2020. Refunds will be processed in the order in which booth fees were collected and most will be sent out before the end of April.

The email, which was again sent out by Rose Reyes and signed by Karey Bresenhan, stated, “After building our shows’ reputation for 40 years, I truly thought that all, or at least most of you, would realize that nothing was more important to me, that we would leave no stone unturned to be able to make refunds, and that we would be actively continuing to search for ways to make those refunds happen.”

It goes on to say that the company received heart-warming messages from some exhibitors after last week’s announcement, but “diatribes” from many others. “We can only imagine the pain in which you must find yourselves.  Anyone trying to stay in business these days is in the same boat,” it says.

The email didn’t specify the funding source for the refunds.

The email ends by stating, “Let us all remember that we are part of a community that values the past, has gone through many hard times in that past, and has come out of them. That resilience will stand us in good stead as we work together to rebuild our industry for the future.”


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