Podcast Episode #258: Willie Smith

In this podcast interview, knitting teaching Willie Smith explains his expertise in teaching new knitters to confidently tackle projects.

Podcast Episode #232: Meghan Fernandes of Pom Pom Quarterly

In this podcast episode, Meghan Fernandes, co-founder of Pom Pom Quarterly, explains how she and a friend she met while working at a yarn shop created and launched an independent knitting magazine that now spans two continents.

Podcast Episode #228: Andrea Mowry

In this podcast interview, knitwear designer Andrea Mowry traces her creative career from working as a pastry chef to returning to a love of knitting and creating a business with knitwear design that supports her family.

Yarn and Knitting Trend Report 2022

Trends aren’t just about what’s literally being shown on the runway. They’re a temperature check on people’s feelings about the recent past and near future. Here are some of the big trends in knitwear to watch over the next year, and the ideas driving them forward.

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