Podcast Episode #87: 2016 Community Episode

I’m excited to be celebrating a first for the Craft Industry Alliance podcast today: our Community Episode! For this very special show, I wanted to turn to you, my listeners, and hear your voices on the show. I make this show for you, and it’s because of you that the show is a success. A […]

CIA Member Profile: Crochet Designer Stacey Trock of FreshStitches

Stacey Trock was a grad student studying linguistics with a focus on child language acquisition when she made a bold move that raised eyebrows in her department. She decided to skip shopping for a tenure track university job and instead prepared to launch a crochet business after graduation.

Podcast Episode #14: Tara Swiger and Stacey Trock

My new microphone makes a debut in this episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast (hooray for improved sound quality!). I chat with Tara Swiger and Stacey Trock about marketing tools and strategies for small creative businesses. I met Tara a few months ago when she was in Boston teaching some workshops. We went out […]

Podcast Episode #13: Deborah Fisher and Stacey Trock

In this episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, I have a conversation Deborah Fisher and Stacey Trock about our favorite tools, books, websites, and other fun stuff we love that we think you might like, too. Deborah Fisher is the director and quilt designer for the Bright Hopes Collaborative Quilt Project, a non-profit organization […]

Podcast Episode #12: Gwen Bortner and Stacey Trock

In this episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast my guests are Gwen Bortner and Stacey Trock. Gwen and Stacey are both yarn people – Gwen designs knitwear and Stacey designs crocheted stuffed animals. But they are also much more than that. They are teachers, and business owners, and bloggers, too. On today’s show, the […]

Podcast Episode #10: Wendi Gratz and Stacey Trock

Interesting people find interesting stuff. That’s my theory, anyway. The Craft Industry Alliance podcast is developing into conversations with designers and crafters in the industry about the things they love, work-related and otherwise. I’ve got amazing guests lined up for the new year and I’m really excited to discover all sorts of new and amazing […]

Podcast Episode #9: Stacey Trock and Mollie Johanson

When you have an online business you end up using graphic design tools all day long. You’re editing photos, creating graphic elements for blog posts, sprucing up your Facebook banner, designing a new logo, laying out ebook pages…the list goes on. If you could sit next to your favorite creative business owners and watch them […]

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