Even with the pandemic having a huge impact on our daily lives, people are still committed to celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, with adjustments made to maintain safety. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), over half of US adults plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021 (52%). The traditional flowers, candy, and cards will still be popular this year, but fewer people will be going out. Date night from-home kits, cooking special meals, and activity nights-in will replace traditional evening outs this year.

Due to altered plans, consumer spending is estimated to drop this year from last. According to NRF, those celebrating plan to spend an average of $164.76, down $32 on average per person from 2020. With fewer outings planned, spending on significant others will see the biggest drop this year, down an average of $13 from 2020. Since many schools remain closed and working-from-home is still a reality, consumers plan to spend less on children’s classmates and teachers as well as their own colleagues.

So what are trends can we look forward to for this unique Valentine’s holiday? According to Etsy’s Marketplace Insights, makers and shoppers will be looking to freshen up the look of holiday items in a number of ways. Traditional pink and reds will be mixed up with purples, teals, lime, and rainbow motifs. The new age and celestial themes such as geodes and gems, metallics, constellations, and ombre patterns will continue to rise in popularity and will intertwine with traditional Valentine’s imagery.

Cottagecore and homesteading will be on-trend and holiday items might include botanical elements, vintage cupids, needle punch, and hand embroidered apparel and home goods. Florals are trending, with “wreath” popping up as a top search term for Valentine’s Day on Etsy. We’ll see more fern motifs and floral patterns as well as alternative bouquets made with paper and pressed flowers.


The trends for Valentine’s 2021 will fall into these categories: Galentines, Quarantined Love, Treat Yourself and Kids’ Craft Party.

Galentines/Non-Romantic Love

Shoppers are interested in celebrating the special friendships in their lives even more this year. Observed on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day celebrates platonic friendships, usually among women.


Other Non Romantic Valentine Ideas:

• Essential Workers

• Neighbors

• Pets

• Friendship day 

• Random acts of kindness 

Product Ideas

• Virtual hug cards

• Modern planter with plant

• One-of-a-kind art or books

• Wall decor

• Necklaces, stamped accessories

indie untangled katrinkles
Elain Luther Art

Quarantined/Social Distanced Love

With date night out being out of the question for many, date-night-ins are being planned. For those who can’t get together, we’re sending messages of love, hope, and optimism from afar. 

Other Quarantined Love Valentine Ideas:

• Spreading hope

• Date night-in

• Crafting party-in

• At home cooking lessons/meal kits

• Inspirational gifting

• Customized/personalized gifts

• Mailing gifts to loved ones

• Flower deliveries  


Product Ideas

• Date-night-in kits

• Breakable chocolate hearts

• Cocktail sets

• Food boxes

• DIY projects and gift-making kits

• Inspirational phrases on jewelry and pins

• Hand embroidered uplifting phrases on apparel and home goods

• Hand-lettered cards and art

the artistic box

Kids Craft Party

Children are missing out on school-related Valentine’s activities this year such as trading cards and treats. Parents are stepping in to create a fun-filled day of crafting at home instead.

Other Kids Valentine Ideas:

• Baking together

• Crafting party

• Making paper flowers

Product Ideas

• Craft kits

• Stuffed animals

• Dolls 

Treat Yourself

Let’s not forget ourselves this year! Treating yourself is especially important during times of high stress. Relaxation, self-care, and comfort items will be popular this year.


Treat Yourself Ideas:

• Wellness and relaxation

• Candy and cookies

• Crafting 

• Reading

• Self Care

Product Ideas

• Yoga equipment

• Meditation supplies

• Journals

• Crafting supplies

• Bath and beauty, candles

aunt cookie
rene creates
Left: Cookies from Aunt Cookie. Right: One Heart Quilt pattern from ReneCreates.

Other Considerations

Shoppers are seeking both sustainability and affordability this year. Gift items that are under $30 and can be put to frequent use will be especially popular. Think kitchen and home goods such as mugs, coasters, and handmade soaps. Winter weather staples such as mittens, scarves, and hats with a Valentine’s twist will also be a hit.

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