Today we’re pleased to be adding a suite of member benefits to your Craft Industry Alliance membership. One of things we can do by coming together as a trade association of craft professionals is negotiate group discounts and access to services that would be difficult to get as individuals. We’re proud to introduce those offerings to you today as we begin 2017, just over a year from our launch.

When we were in the planning stage for Craft Industry Alliance we met with industry stakeholders including designers, suppliers, makers, and pro bloggers, to find out what they wanted and needed in a trade association. But we also met with people who worked outside of the crafts industry who were members of a trade association for their professions, and with the people who ran those associations. We asked them what value they were able to provide to their members and what was working for their associations.

This research was tremendously helpful in shaping how we structured Craft Industry Alliance and we knew from these conversations that one of our long term goals would be to add member benefits to our offerings. By member benefits we mean discounts on the services you use to run your business such as shipping, office supplies, and hotel and rental car, as well as pro tools for online business. Member benefits also include discounts on online learning platforms so that you can continue to learn and grow in your profession. We’re also including perks that help you enjoy your life with your family outside of business such a discounts at movie theaters and theme parks. And finally, it’s important to us to help you access business and health insurance at a rate you can afford.

Our member benefits package launches today and is available to all Craft Industry Alliance members. Some of these benefits are things you’ll be able to use immediately by entering a discount code. Others you’ll want to learn about in order to make good decisions for your own situation. For example, on Thursday, January 12, we’ll be hosting a webinar with an insurance broker who will present options for business owners’ policies (BOPs). A BOP can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business and can include liability coverage, property coverage (building, equipment, inventory, etc.), and business interruption coverage. (RSVP to that session here).

Going forward we hope to expand our benefits program in response to your needs. If there are services or companies you think would be a good fit, please let us know and we will make every effort to reach out to them and see what kind of arrangement we can negotiate on behalf of our members.

We’re very happy to be able to add these benefits at no extra cost to you. Membership dues will remain the same for the next year. Here’s to a productive and successful 2017!

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