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Posted 2 months ago by Babs Ausherman aka Miss Babs

About Us Miss Babs produces hand-dyed yarns for hand knitters, crocheters, weavers, and other fiber artists from our studio in eastern Tennessee. We strive to...

 Full or part-time job opening /  Virtual

Posted 2 months ago by allikelley

Virtual Assistant Job Description Responsibilities: Handle customer inquiries and issues through email, social channels Provide information about the products and services through email and social media...

 Full or part-time job opening /  Virtual

Posted 2 months ago by LMBDesigns

Are you a creative person who is intimidated by finances or doesn't know how to use bookkeeping software? Does it take you forever to send...

 Services offered /  Virtual

Posted 3 months ago by Traci Anderson

Pattern Maker/Technical Designer offering digital and paper form sewing pattern development services. I have 25 years of experience as a freelancer and in the industry...

 Services offered /  Virtual

Posted 4 months ago by Mallory Donohue

Sponsor an episode of Sewing Out Loud and reach an audience of dedicated makers who are hungry for quality materials, tools and knowledge.  Zede and...

 Sponsorship/advertising opportunity /  Virtual

Posted 7 months ago by Kim Werker

Working with a good editor is like getting the advice of a trusted friend who wants your success to be massive, but who can give...

 Services offered /  Virtual

Posted 7 months ago by Alice Clemans

CAD Patternmaker, including grading, and PDF graphic design for layouts, and technical writer can help bring your pattern ideas and instructions to life. 30 years...

 Services offered /  Virtual

Posted 8 months ago by Ellen Kardell

With deep, multi-decade experience in fiber arts and graphic design, I am available to help you bring your knitwear or other fiber art concepts to...

 Services offered /  Virtual

Posted 10 months ago by KathyCornwell

Do you need help with a book, e-course, website, pattern, newsletter, social media posts, or any other content? Experienced, responsive editor Kathy Cornwell joyfully provides...

 Services offered /  Virtual

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