Posted 4 weeks ago by Heather Lou

Hi there! We design sewing patterns at Closet Core Patterns. As our output increases, we are looking for a freelance illustrator to assist us in...

 Full or part-time job opening /  Virtual

Posted 4 weeks ago by Rebecca Inkrote

I help handmade sellers create and launch their own websites. I can teach you how to DIY your website or you can hire me to...

 Services offered /  Virtual

Posted 1 month ago by Dennis Crosby

Happily Hooked (www.happilyhooked.com) is looking a new part-time blogger for our website. Virtual position. Past experience required. Would need to be able to write 1-2...

 Full or part-time job opening /  Virtual

Posted 1 month ago by Jessica Schunke

If you design quilt patterns, you want to have every confidence that the product you provide for your customers is accurate and error free, but...

 Services offered /  Virtual

Posted 2 months ago by Amberleigh Adoff

Hello! I am a former educator, maker, and creative business owner looking to take on some freelance clients.  If you are looking for some help...

 Services offered /  Virtual

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