by Rachel Biel

There wasn't a good category for this, but my hope is that participants will become teachers and enablers in their communities.  Artizan ReMade explores how...

 Teaching opportunity /  Virtual

by Rachel Biel

Artizan Made is a marketing collective that supports studio artists, fair traders and ethical vintage.  Our focus is on functional work:  home décor and eco...

 Sponsorship/advertising opportunity /  Virtual

by Jessica Schunke

If you design quilt patterns, you want to have every confidence that the product you provide for your customers is accurate and error free, but...

 Services offered /  Virtual

by Amberleigh Adoff

As a small business owner and former educator, I work with other small creative businesses with the business side of things and the tedious tasks...

 Services offered /  Virtual

by Kerry Bullock-Ozkan

I am a tech editor specializing in knitted garments and accessories. I offer a full range of knitting tech editing services to help make your...

 Services offered /  Virtual

by tammie bennett

i'm a certified life coach who helps creative business owners show up authentically and make more sales without feeling salesy. i was in art licensing...

 Services offered /  Virtual

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