Podcast Episode #156: Melanie Falick

In this second podcast interview with Melanie Falick, we discuss her new book Making a Life. Melanie talks about the importance of making things by hand and how she went about interviewing makers and telling their stories for this ambitious project.

Podcast Episode #12: Gwen Bortner and Stacey Trock

In this episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast my guests are Gwen Bortner and Stacey Trock. Gwen and Stacey are both yarn people – Gwen designs knitwear and Stacey designs crocheted stuffed animals. But they are also much more than that. They are teachers, and business owners, and bloggers, too. On today’s show, the […]

Podcast Episode #11: Claudine Hellmuth and Betz White

My guests on today’s episode are Claudine Hellmuth and Betz White, two fantastic indie designers with successful art businesses. We have a really fun conversation about our current favorite apps, blogs, tools, videos, recipes, subscriptions and more. Claudine Hellmuth designs and illustrates printable boxes and kits that bring delight to customers young and old. She’s […]

Podcast Episode #10: Wendi Gratz and Stacey Trock

Interesting people find interesting stuff. That’s my theory, anyway. The Craft Industry Alliance podcast is developing into conversations with designers and crafters in the industry about the things they love, work-related and otherwise. I’ve got amazing guests lined up for the new year and I’m really excited to discover all sorts of new and amazing […]

Podcast Episode #9: Stacey Trock and Mollie Johanson

When you have an online business you end up using graphic design tools all day long. You’re editing photos, creating graphic elements for blog posts, sprucing up your Facebook banner, designing a new logo, laying out ebook pages…the list goes on. If you could sit next to your favorite creative business owners and watch them […]

Podcast Episode #2: Toy Designer Lauren Venell

The post is part of an occasional series called “Awesome Handmade Toys.” These posts feature toy makers whose work I think is particularly fresh and inventive. You can see previous posts in the series here. I also pin toys to my Inspiring Softies pinboard on a regular basis if you’re looking for more inspiration. +++++ […]

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